Summit Panel Discussion: Why Technical Editors Are Still Relevant

By Kelly Schrank

At the STC Summit 2012, the session “Why Technical Editors Are Still Relevant” drew a big audience. The distinguished panelists were all well known in the Technical Editing SIG and STC. Read the rest of this entry »


Mastering Content Strategy: Technical Editing and the Digital Universe

By Andrea J. Wenger

The Maya predicted that on December 21, 2012, the earth would undergo a cataclysmic change.

I think they were off by five days. Read the rest of this entry »

The Technical Stylist: All That and Which Too

By Kathy Underwood

Do you think that the following phrase—from Roosevelt’s speech preceding the declaration of war in 1941—has a grammatical error?

a date which will live in infamy

This interesting and not at all simple question recently came up on the Word Lovers social network at my company (SAS Institute Inc.) The answer is “no—sort of” and “it depends.”

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The Magic of Syntactic Cues

By Michelle Corbin

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published as a post to Michelle’s blog, Technical Editors: Arbiters of Quality, on January 23, 2012.

Recently, I ran across a Grammar Girl article that was guest authored by a linguist about the topic of omitting the word “that” from sentences. This post in particular talked about how newspaper editors tend to delete or omit the word, even when it creates a more confusing sentence for the reader. He breaks down his discussion into omitting the word “that” after verbs, nouns, and adjectives, and ultimately concludes that native English speakers should really just go by their ear to determine when to omit it. I really enjoyed reading this linguist’s perspective on this grammar question.
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Notes from the Summit

By Carol Lamarche

The atmosphere at the STC 2012 Summit, the annual STC conference, was electric, with terrific presenters inspiring conversation and new directions. The May 20-23 event was well organized, comfortable, and conducive to networking. The Chicago STC chapter outdid themselves with their hospitality. Check out the photo gallery that the Chicago Chapter set up:
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The Roving Technical Editors Report on the STC Summit

By Ann Marie Queeney and Kelly Schrank

Thank you to our survey participants!

Although the NATO conference was the higher-profile event, STC managed to generate its own excitement at the 59th STC Summit at the Hyatt O’Hare. The STC Summit, held May 20 – 23, offered a wide spectrum of interesting topics, time to reconnect with friends and colleagues, and opportunities to meet new people. Our SIG even merited a “shout out” during Monday’s Lightning Talks session. Bill Swallow, LingualLinx, in his session entitled, “MySTC: Present Case, Future Considerations” mentioned the TE SIG’s effective use of MySTC. Thank you to our web master, Rick Sapir!

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The Wicked Which and Other Fairy Tales

by Andrea Wenger
Andrea Wenger ( is the Membership Manager, Technical Editing SIG. Note: This article originally appeared in the Carolina Communique, the newsletter of the STC Carolina Chapter.

Popular culture is filled with myths about grammar. Taught by generations of English teachers, these stories admonish little children to cling to the straight and narrow path, rather than venturing into the woods of creative communication. Some of these stories are usage guidelines rather than rules. Others are pure fantasy, the flight of some pedagogue’s imagination. Read the rest of this entry »